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low budget campaigns

Thanks to Jungler you could avoid complex and expensive online advertising. Our platform allows you to create influencer marketing campaigns in a simple, quick and intuitive way.

the perfect influencer

Our influencers are selected by quality and categorized by interest. This allows us to reach the best results targeting the right audience.

brand awareness

You will have a whole community that will share your values.

the process

how does it work?


Post the brief

Post a brief description of your service or product in order to allow the influencer to create the best content for your objectives.

Review the contents

Approve only the contents that you like the most and reject the ones didn’t impress you.



Go online with the campaign

Once the contents have been approved, they will go online and you will be able to see the result in real time. If you would need to change something, you could do it whenever you want.

Direct payment

Add your credit card and the payment will be processed to the influencer directly and automatically as soon as the campaign ends.


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